Don Kashevaroff

Bachelors in Science, Business Administration and Finance, minor in Computer Science, Oregon State University , Corvallis , Oregon ; Master’s in Business Administration and Economic Development, Eastern University, St. Davids, Pennsylvania.

Don Kashevaroff is the Chairman and President of Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, which provides health, sanitation and health facilities and other services for 125,000 Alaska Natives. He is President (Chief) of Seldovia Village Tribe, a federally recognized tribe located in Southcentral Alaska . He is also the Chair of the Seldovia Native Association, Inc., an ANCSA corporation with land, resource and tourism ventures.

Kashevaroff is the Consortium’s primary spokesperson on issues such as funding, legislation, and regulatory issues of great importance to ANTHC, the Alaska tribal health system, and the Indian Health Service. In that capacity, Kashevaroff testifies before the US Congress, works closely with Alaska Native and American Indian national organizations, and serves on several Indian Health Service committees. He presides at board meetings, and works to ensure board members are fully informed on issues. He serves as an ex officio member of all ANTHC board committees and subcommittees, and appoints members to those committees as needed. He collaborates with the ANTHC CEO and board on policy, operational, and matters of global significance to ANTHC.

Kashevaroff’s previous work experience includes strategic planning, grant writing, business planning and management consulting service; Project director for the Seldovia Village Tribe, and financial planning services for Waddell and Reed Financial Services; and commercial fisherman.

Kashevaroff’s present affiliations include Alaska Native Health Board, Denali Commission Health Steering Committee, IHS Information Systems Advisory Committee, and the Alaska Native Medical Center Joint Operating Board. He also Chairs and Co-Chairs the IHS Tribal Self Governance Advisory Committee and IHS National Budget Formulation Committee respectively.

Kashevaroff’s hobbies include photography and boating. He is married to the former Sandra Pearson, Inupiaq, of Nome . Don and Sandra have two children.

Photo of Kashevaroff

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