Climate Change

Climate Change and/or Global Warming is receiving international attention from the government and scientists.  Global Climate Change is likely to have profound effects on Alaska Natives and indigenous peoples around the world who are closely tied to the lands and waters of this planet.  In the North, one to three degree changes in temperature will have magnified effects on fish, wildlife, and habitat, and thus indigenous peoples in the circumpolar regions.  Many scientists maintain that the North will be the proverbial "canary in the coal mine" as far as Global Climate Change is concerned, signaling the onset of destabilizing changes to world ecosystems that may threaten the viability of indigenous cultures.  Increasingly, western scientists are paying attention to the observations of Northern peoples, finding them to be accurate indicators of changes taking place today.  The Alaska Native Science Commission staff have become increasingly involved in global climate change debates and discussion because of Alaska Native observations it has documented from regional meetings with Alaska Native hunters, fishers, gatherers, and elders throughout the state.  Additionally, the Commission is pursuing the development of programs that involve Alaska Natives as "monitors" of environmental changes in Alaska.

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