ANSC solicited nominations from the Native community to serve on the Board of Commissioners to oversee the work of the Commission.

Elaine Abraham (Elder) - Chairperson
Orville Huntington (Natural Resources) - Vice Chairperson
Charlie Johnson (Circumpolar Arctic Research) - Treasurer
Don Kashevaroff (Health) - Member
Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley(Education) - Secretary
Deanna Kingston(Teacher) - Member
Jack Lorrigan (Scientist) - Member
Nirvana Ramos - Student Advisor
Sally Smith (National Interests) - Member
Viola Steptin - Student Advisor
Vacant (Arctic Research) - Member

Former ANSC Commission Members:
Dolores "Dolly" Garza (Scientist) - Now Serves As ANSC Technical Advisor
Richard Glenn (Arctic Research)
Sven Haakanson Jr., PH.D. (Scientist)
Taqulik Hepa (Arctic Research)
Paul John (Elder)
Alice Petrivelli (Elder)
Anne Walker (Health)

Ex-officio members of the Commission are: the Arctic Research Commission Executive Director, the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States Executive Director and two College Science Students.

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