Regional Meetings

The yearly regional workshops provide technical, scientific, and ethical information to communities regarding their concerns and priorities for research. They also assist in gathering Native community research priorities and recommendations, and developing regional research plans. The regional workshops continue to bring NSF staff and funded researchers to workshops so they can experience first hand the community process and involvement, as well as to provide communities with information about NSF programs, resources, and opportunities. The Northwest Alaska Regional Meeting, Southcentral Alaska Regional Meeting, Southeast Alaska Regional Meeting, and Yukon-Kuskokwim Alaska Regional Meeting report is now available.

Social Transition in the North

Based on the projects Science Advisory Groups final recommendations, all project documents from McNabb and Richards files were reviewed and recorded.  Year Three research was completed in Chukotka where archiving project continues, final project review and future of data/archives is in progress.

Traditional Knowledge &
Contaminants/Mini-Grant Project

This project presents findings from ANSC and UAA Institute for Social & Economic Research.  The goal of this project is to record traditional knowledge about environmental changes throughout the state, to consider the implications of this knowledge and to promote a synthesis between traditional and scientific knowledge.  Click HERE for more information.

ANSC Community Resource Directory & Researcher's Database

In keeping with its mission to improve local participation in the research process, one of the tasks of the ANSC is to increase the access to and recognition of Native scientists, researchers, consultants and Native knowledge specialists.  Toward that goal, the ANSC is responsible for developing a Microsoft ACCESS statewide directory of these Native resources.  The directory is a community knowledge database of past participants in regional meetings held in Alaska and who have agreed to having their names and addresses posted on our website. The database is still in a draft stage and will be refined and updated.

Click HERE to access ANSC's community knowledge Alaska Native Resource Directory now.

Click HERE to access ANSC's current Research Database of on-going research in Alaska.

Click HERE if you are a Scientist, Researcher (Principle Investigator - PI) who is either currently conducting research or about to conduct research in the state of Alaska. We appreciate you or your staff taking the time to share with ANSC and the rest of the public the research information you are gathering in Alaska. Please take a moment to fill-out ANSC's on-line "Research Entry Record."