Alaska Native Science Commission 2005 (699 KB)
Alaska Native Science Commission Origins (380 KB)
Alaska Native Science Commission Research Ethics (2.43 MB)
Summaries from ANSC Regional Meetings with Alaska Native Communities (541 KB)
American Fisheries Society Plenary (157 KB)
What is Sustainability and Can it be Achieved?, Bevan Series on Sustainable Fisheries, University of Washington (2.11 MB)
Current Issues and Research Agendas from Alaska Native Communities (1.00 MB)
Ethical Guidelines for use of Traditional Knowledge in Research & Science (2.35 MB)
Facilitating Community-Based Research (755 KB)
Guidelines for Respecting Cultural Knowledge (520 KB)
Health & Wellness: Modern Problems and Ancient Solutions (648 KB)
Impacts of Climate Change on Alaska Native Communities, Alaska Federation of Natives 2005 (1.06 MB)
Impact of Climate Change on Alaska Native Communities (1.10 MB)
Indigenous Perspectives on Health (728 KB)
National Tribal Subsistence Workshop (751 KB)
Native Perspectives on Western Science and Environmentalism (101 KB)
Alaska Wild and Traditional Foods Panel: Community Partnerships and Concerns, Alaska's Oceans & Watersheds Symposium (63 KB)
Contaminants in Alaska: Is America's Arctic at Risk? (2.03 MB)
Persistent Organic Pollutants and Why They Matter to Native Communities (436 KB)
Traditional Knowledge Contaminants Projects (1.22 MB)
Indigenous Knowledge System Research Colloquium (241 KB)
8th World Wilderness Congress (427 KB)

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