Ms. Alice Petrivelli
Anchorage, Alaska

Ms. Alice Petrivelli accepted the Alaska Native Science Commission's invitation to serve on its commission in November 2001. During the Commisson's annaul meeting in December, 2001, she was elected to serve as ANSC's Secretary.

A repected elder in the Alaska Native community, she currently serves as the Chair of The Aleut Corporation (TAC), and is a board member on the Alaska Trust Company. She also represents TAC on the following boards: Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, Alaska Native Heritage Center Academy Board, and Aleutian Pribilof Islands Cultural Heritage Program Advisory Board.

She served as the Chair of The Aleut Corporation from 1987-88 and 1989-90. In 1988 and 1996, Ms. Petrivelli served as The Aleut Corporation's Vice-Chair. She was the President of The Aleut Corporation form 1990-95 and served as Vice President in 1997. Ms. Petrivelli has also served as the President of The Aleut Foundation. She has been a Director of The Aleut Corporation since 1976, with a short six-month interim of being off the Board in 1979, and then continued to serve as a board member ever since 1979 to present. She was employed as the President of the Atxam Corporation, from 1984-86.