Dolores "Dolly" Garza is a full-time Professor for the University of Alaska Marine Advisory Program. She has worked in Kotzebue and Sitka and now works in Ketchikan as a Marine Advisory agent, interfacing European science with Alaska's marine resource users in the areas of subsistence management, marine mammal management and marine safety. She has also been employed by the Tanana Chief's Conference to travel the Yukon River working with area fishermen to improve salmon marketing. Dr. Garza is a subsistence harvester, is familiar with the consumptive and artistic uses of many resources statewide and is able to use both her academic knowledge with her cultural skills and values. She is of Haida heritage.

Dr. Garza has her B.S. in Fisheries Science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, her M.S. in Fisheries from the University of Washington, and her Ph.D. in Marine Policy from the University of Delaware.

She serves as the Chair of the Board of Commissioner's of the Alaska Native Science Commission, and on the board's of the Alaska Sea Otter and Stellar Sea Lion Commission, the Sitka Marine Mammal Commission, the Alaska Marine Safety Committee and is a member of the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society.