Ms. Hepa holding a polar bear skull.


Ms. Taqulik Hepa was born and raised in Barrow, Alaska. She grew up living a subsistence based lifestyle and has great respect for her traditional and cultural way of life. Participating in subsistence hunting activities with her family has taught her many valuable lessons in subsistence survival skills.

Currently, Ms. Hepa serves as the Deputy Director for the Department of Wildlife Management for the North Slope Borough. In this capacity, she is in contact with many local people and outside agencies dealing with subsistence related issues. She serves as one of two Project Coordinators who designed and implemented the NSB Subsistence Harvest Documentation Project.

She is a member to the following boards and commissions; the Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S.; Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve Subsistence Resource Commission; and Barrow Arctic Science Consortium. Taqulik cares deeply for the protection of her environment and subsistence resources and wishes to expand her opportunities to participate in the advancement of research programs in the Arctic.




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