Nirvana Ramos

Student Advisor

Ms. Nirvana E. Ramos is the daughter of Charmain Ramos and granddaughter to Elaine Abraham, both of Yakutat. She belongs to the Raven Moiety, Copper River Clan from the Owl House. She is the daughter of the Daak Taan, Granddaughter of the Coho Clan, and Great Granddaughter of the Teik Weidi (Brown Bear). She is member of the Mt. Saint Elias Dance Group of Yakutat, Alaska.

In high school she represented Sealaska youth and was elected by her peers as chair of the Alaska Federation of Natives’ Youth Council.

In 1994 and 1995, she completed two workshops held at Ellamek Elicaraq Summer Camp that focused on Aerospace and Biology. In 1996 and 1997, she received multiple year awards and was recognized in “Who’s Who Among American High School Students.”

She currently is an Architect & Engineering major at UAA and a Civil Engineering Intern at Alyeska Pipeline Service Company.



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